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    Test-profiles we can deliver :
    - Experienced profiles to perform audits, assessments, TPI
    - Junior profiles voor het puur uitvoerende werk
    - Junior to senior profiles to perform test-analysis
    - Junior to senior profiles able to do automation and tooling
    - From team lead/coördination to heavy test-management
    - A fixed trainer

    Active in IT-Projects:
    - Websites/mobile devices/apps
    - ERP/CRM/…
    - Applications …

    More technical : hardware + embedded software
    - Soundbars
    - Ticketing sytemen
    - setTop boxen
    - ea
    On top of this:
    - audits and assessments
    - training
    o ISTQB training & certification
    o Test Design Techniques
    o Automation tools
    o Making testplan
    o Ea
    - certification
    o USB
    o DLAN
    o …
    Being independant from developpement companies we can garantee that feed-back is correct and that we can perform best quality in combination with available time and budgets.

    Offices in Amerika (2), England and Belgium

    B.V.B.A. PMC-Consulting S.P.R.L
    Houtemstraat 149, 3300 Tienen
    BTW - TVA : 871.054.555

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